Transforming Indian Agriculture through Aggregation

Small farmers often grapple for sustainability because they lack the scale, knowledge and market information like prices and demand for their produce. At FarmersFortune we aggregate market information, knowledge and products to empower farmers to compete in a volatile global market.

By aggregating farm produce at our state-of-the-art warehouses across India, we help small farmers to group together to reduce the time to market and increase profits. This approach also helps us cater to the high volume requirements of large institutional buyers efficiently.

Pre-season planning enables us to understand buyer demands which informs farmers of planting and pricing requirements and helps them to develop a sustainable business model. Providing farmers with a consistent revenue stream and a dependable market, we export high-quality produce to customers across the world. By leveraging the power of aggregation, we are transforming Indian agriculture by creating deeper and wider linkages with farmers leading to an equitable and sustainable agri-value chain.


At FarmersFortune, we understand the challenges and risks in the agri-supply chain and leverage predictive sourcing to orchestrate supply with demand. Read more>


One of India’s leading exporters to global agri-markets, FarmersFortune offers you the opportunity to contribute to the bottom line and help Indian farmers feed the world. Read more>

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