Cereals & Pulses

Introduction & Global Overview

Cereals and pulses account for half the calories consumed by mankind and are important sources of energy. More than two-third of the arable land worldwide is dedicated to the cultivation of these staple food grains.
Examples of cereal crops include maize, rice, wheat or millet. Globally, China is the highest producer of cereals – growing 539.34 million tonnes annually .
Common examples of pulses include peas, beans and lentils
India Scenario
3rd largest producer of cereals9
Largest producer & consumer of pulses10
Rice, wheat, ragi, millet, jowar, bajra, maize and barley are the major cereal crops grown in India
India produces nine major grain legumes (chickpea, pigeonpea, uradbean, mungbean, horse gram, moth bean, lathyrus, lentil and peas) and 11 minor grain legumes (cowpea, broad bean, dry bean, rice bean, winged bean, adzuki bean, hyacinth bean, lima bean, jack bean, zombie pea and pillipesera).


Cereal Production in India
(Million Tonnes)
Pulses Production in India
(Million Tonnes)

Statewise Production

Cereals11 Production (MT)
  • Rajasthan 16180
  • Karnataka 7850
  • Maharashtra 7320
Cereals12 Production (MT)
  • Andhra Pradesh 4440
  • Uttar Pradesh 3220
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