Connecting Farmers to Global Agri-Markets...Exporting to the World

FarmersFortune is one of India's leading exporters providing strategic sourcing solutions to both local and global agri markets. We primarily source agri-produce from India for global and Indian customers, making our presence felt in international commodity hubs to serve diverse global food-procurement needs.

Leveraging nationwide farmer relationships in India, we bring efficiency, stability and consistency in the agri supply chain. With a cost-effective procurement system, we ensure security of supply and business continuity for our customers across markets in Asia, Europe, USA, Middle East and Africa. We have Offices in Dubai & Singapore and local representatives across major cities across the globe.

Fostering the Vision & Quality Promise of our Parent Company

FarmersFortune is a 100% subsidiary of StarAgri, one of Asia's leading post harvest agri-solution providers. We endeavor to facilitate StarAgri's vision of empowering farmers with access to global markets and opportunities, improving productivity and realizing better incomes.


Our stringent quality measures combined with global best-practices enables us to supply customers with premium grade value-added agri-commodities in a transparent manner.



Predictable Sourcing of a Broad Spectrum of Agri-commodities

Our export services involve direct farmer procurement, storage, trade financing, logistics and supply of high-quality cereals and pulses, spices and condiments, and oil cakes and seeds among other commodities from India. FarmersFortune's predictable sourcing for large requirements of these commodities for global buyers is rooted in our pan-India direct aggregation model.


Further, scientific methods of grading and silo-based storage help us maintain the original efficacy of the agri-produce till it reaches end users. With modernized trading platforms (private "mandis" or wholesale markets), we ensure transparent practices in international trade.



Sustainable Supply Chain Management to Mitigate Risk

We are committed to creating a sustainable supply chain through the implementation of ethical and environmentally responsible sourcing practices. At FarmersFortune, our approach to sustainability is embedded in our support to farming communities, economic accountability for stakeholders, and responsible farming practices towards creating a greener planet.


This industry-leading approach helps us mitigate economic, environmental and socio-political risks. A strategic initiative of StarAgri, FarmersFortune creates backward & forward linkages and integration across the agri-commodity value chain to deliver efficient prices and transparent sourcing solutions to its customers.